Mexico week 21 – Our Cabana

I spent my last couple of days in the city of Cuernavaca. It lies an hour or so south of Mexico City. I came here to see Our Cabana, one of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGs) world centres. I have been to the Swiss world centre – Our Chalet, on a guide trip when I was a teenager. Coming from a Girlguiding family, I couldn’t leave Mexico without seeing Our Cabana!

It is a beautiful place, about 10mins drive from the centre of Cuernavaca. Open dorms are surrounded by gardens, planted with local flora. There are sports courts, a swimming pool, campfire area and meeting halls. A board of badges show all the nationalities of the guides and scouts who have visited the Cabana, and the flags of these countries line the wall of the dining room. I was given a tour and make to feel welcome by the volunteers and staff. I love being part of an organisation like guiding, where I can turn up to places like this and find friends (or ‘sisters in guiding’)!

I found the time to have a wander around the city centre. The central part of town contains all of the old colonial buildings and some gardens! I visited the regional museum in the Palace of Cortez. The building that houses the museum was once lived in by the infamous conqueror. Unfortunately, the museum was closed due to earthquake damage, but I had a look inside the small exhibition that was open in one corner of the building. This place was fascinating! The displays told the stories of the relationship between Mesoamerican people and animals. I couldn’t get a good photo of the palace as it is still being repaired after last year’s earthquake! It was also too cloudy to see Popocatepetl, but I got a good view of some of the other volcanoes, and the lava flows in road cuttings during the bus ride from Mexico City.

Tomorrow I begin my journey back to the UK. I can’t believe I will be back in the cold British winter by the end of the week!

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