Mexico week 20 – Saying Goodbye to Colima

My last week in Colima went by in a bit of a blur! I’ve been feeling pretty homesick, but I started to realise how much I am going to miss Colima!

We spent Wednesday in the field at Montegrande – one of my favourite field locations! We were collecting data from living trees around the PDC. By collecting size information, we can work out how big the trees killed by the PDC are. Once we know this, we can calculate the force needed to break the dead trees, which will then give us an estimate of the velocity of the PDC – it’s pretty cool! We were in the field by 8.30am, which gave us a full day to work. We reached our goal and collected data for 100 trees, collecting an even spread of different species. We finished work and I took some final photos of the volcano. I drove the truck back to the university one last time!

On Friday I gave my leaving presentation covering my MGeol project and what I’ve been working on in Colima. We also went for my leaving meal with the team, which finished off time time at CIIV perfectly! I spent the weekend packing, finishing the last of my work and saying goodbye to the friends I made. Sadly the volcano was pretty hazy as I took off from Colima’s little airport, but I did get a good view of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt as we flew across the country to Mexico City. Scoria cones and other features marked the landscape – I spent most of the flight failing to get good photos of them!

I have a few days left in Mexico, I’m heading to Our Cabana, one of the four world centres for girl guides and girl scouts. I can’t wait to visit!

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