Mexico Week 15 & 16 – A chaotic start to 2019!

I hope everyone had a fantastic new year and that 2019 brings happiness!

I’ve had a very chaotic start to 2019! We had most of the volunteers leave in December and new people arrive throughout January. I’m looking forward to working with a new team!

We’ve had a few problems with the CIIV truck, and the poor thing has been in and out of the garage for the past few weeks. This meant that fieldwork had to be cancelled and we’ve all been suffering from ‘cabin fever’. It’s no fun being stuck in the lab day after day, processing endless data when there’s a volcano waiting to be explored!

The lack of fieldwork has meant more free time in the evenings, so I’ve been exploring Colima’s entertainment a little more! We went to fantastic bar with a live Mariachi band. The atmosphere was incredible, everyone singing along to their favourite tunes, interrupted every 10 minutes or so by a cheering and rachets as a mini wooden truck of tequila shots and indoor fireworks were brought to a table. Our Mexican friends surprised us by ordering one to our table! After doing the shot, the waiters and waitresses shake your head to ‘make the alcohol go to your brain!’ I felt like a real local when I ran into someone I knew in the ladies loos – I can’t believe I’ve been in Mexico for four months! We also found the local bar/club, and had a great night dancing away to Latin American tunes!

One weekend a couple of us decided to take the coach to Manzanillo to explore the town and swim in the Pacific. The beach was gorgeous – white sand, blue sea, palm trees and coloured umbrellas. We had a bit of a miscommunication with the taxi driver, apparently there were two places with the same name and our Spanish wasn’t good enough to fully explain! It did mean a nice walk along the beach to where we made base for the day, conveniently outside a beachfront restaurant that did amazing tacos for lunch. We chilled all day, soaking up the Mexican sun and recharging our batteries ready for the next week of work!

We returned to the beach for a second weekend unexpectedly, invited to our friend’s beach house. We partied on the beach until dark fell. Enjoying delicious see food from the seafront cafes. I rented a surfboard and we had a play in the white water. I’d never surfed a short board before, and wasn’t confident taking it out past the breakers in the Pacific waves, so we messed about in the shallows. It was fun to try different waves and a different board, but I think I’ll stick to my minimal in the Devon/Cornwall surf!

Hopefully we’ll get back into the field soon – I think we might all go crazy if we’re stuck in the lab any longer!

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