Mexico Week 14 – Christmas!

This was my first Christmas away from home, and away from my family. It was very strange to here about everyone at home going about their usual Christmas doings, while I worked and tried to explore Mexican Christmas traditions!

My Christmas started with the Coca Cola parade and the Christmas market. The following weeks I watched Christmas lights going up on the streets I walk everyday and the shops fill with Christmas stock. Each afternoon and evening, parades of the Virgin Mary marched through the city, with floats of pictures and statues, traditional musicians and children dresses up!

I went shopping for Christmas food in Walmart on the Sunday night before Christmas. I wrongly thought that this would be the best time to go shopping! Some of the shelves were bare and the queue stretched the length of the store! Everyone was in good spirits though! I went into town on Christmas eve for a walk and a wander around the shops. The streets were packed and the shops had spilled out into the streets.

I sat on the roof with a beer for Christmas Eve, watching fireworks go off all over the city, and listening to the carols from the nearby church. I went back onto the roof at midnight, to watch the sky above Colima burst into a mass of noise and flashing colours to celebrate the arrival of Christmas day!

Christmas day was spent calling my family back in the UK. I cooked my own Christmas dinner, and still managed to eat an excess of Christmassy chocolate, ice-cream, crisps and chicken!

I spent the rest of the week catching up with work I’d missed whilst I’d been ill and relaxing ready to start work again in the New Year!

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