Mexico Week 10 – It’s Christmas!

This week was another fairly quiet week; well, up until the weekend anyway! Most of the week has been spent in the lab. Last Friday we went on another trip to Montegrande to collect the final samples for the sieving project. It was a rather uneventful trip!

On Saturday morning I went into the lab to get some work done. In the evening the CIIV team went to a roof top bar for drinks, then for food in the square. All the Christmas lights were on and the Cathedral and church bells were ringing every 15 (ish!) minutes. A parade of dancers and musicians passed through – completely taking us by surprise!

On Sunday I spent the morning relaxing. As evening drew in, I made spaghetti bolognaise and sat down to enjoy my dinner. As I ate, I could hear music and cheering. I was curious as to where it was coming from, so once I’d eaten, I went up onto the roof to see what was going on. I could see lights and crowds, so a grabbed a pair of shoes and some keys and cash, and headed out. The roads were closed and thousands of people filled the squares and lined the roadsides. There were food stalls, a Christmas market and vendors selling balloons and light up toys. It was fantastic! I tried some traditional caramel in a little wooden box – it was delicious! I had a wander around the market and even went into the Cathedral to listen to part of the service.

I then joined the growing crowds lining the roadsides. It turned out that everyone was waiting for the Coca Cola truck – I had no idea! The truck came through in a rush of lights, music and Christmas characters. I often object to Coca Cola and some of it’s business practices, but I have to admit, the parade was pretty spectacular to watch – very Christmassy! Floats of elves, polar bears and finally Father Christmas passed through the city streets.

Before I left the celebrations I wanted to try some raw sugar cane I’d seen being sold in the market – something that I later regretted! It tasted sweet and woody, and gave me a sugar rush just before bedtime!

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