I’m a graduate!

The past year has been a completely crazy year of ups and downs. I haven’t been able to find the time or inspiration to keep blogging. With this all behind me, I will be blogging my new adventures, and there are many to come!

This summer has been an insane blur or work and mini-holidays! I’m very lucky that I work summer jobs that I absolutely love. Working youth programmes, summer schools and outreach events I have met some pretty amazing people. Between these I managed to fit in a fantastic trip to the London eye and a sneaky surf holiday in North Devon.

With a few bumps in the road I finished my research project and complete my degree. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the help and support of some amazing people! I hope you guys know who you are – thank-you! I was awarded a 1st class MGeol (Hons) Geology – not bad for the girl who was told she would never gain a place at university after only a year of A-levels.


I’ve had an amazing time at Plymouth, but it’s time for a new adventure. While studying at Plymouth I fell in love with Volcanology and I have chosen to pursue a volcano related career. I’m leaving my UK life behind for 6 months in Mexico to volunteer at Colima Exchange and Research in Volcanology or ‘CIIV’ for short. I am so excited to learn more about researching and monitoring volcanoes! I’m hoping to post every week with updates, so watch this space!

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