Summer is here!

My last coursework and exams for the year are complete! That is 3rd year done! Although I am staying on at Plymouth for the 4th year of my MGeol, I’m saying goodbye to friends on the BSc. The feeling after the last exam was not as we had expected. We had planned to walk out of the exam hall and straight into the pub, but we all stood in the middle of campus feel lost, dazed and fully aware of the impending goodbyes. We did have a good night out afterwards!

The plan for the next couple of weeks is to have some days out in the southwest, hopefully enjoying the summer sunshine! Particularly after the storms and rain we’ve had over the past couple of weeks!


With uni work out of the way, I can now focus on preparing for my visit to Uganda! This will be my third visit to western Uganda and I am excited to see old friends and meet new ones. While the exact plans for the visit are still coming together, we have a fantastic visit planned, with teams focusing on all three of the projects key areas: rangers, schools and communities. My focus is on Geomission, although I am helping wherever I am needed!

Our Geomission schools resource is coming together nicely! This is a collection of activities and an accompanying story to introduce geology to primary school children in both the UK and Uganda. It simply aims to spark an interest and get them thinking about the world around them. Over the next few weeks we aim to complete a working draft which can be used on this visit.

We are also investigating geotourism locations and looking at how they could be further promoted. This will involve visiting geological sites, looking at cultural significance and talking to those already involved in geotourism.

The team are also trying to raise some funds to help girls at the QE Parks Project twinned schools with reusable sanitary protection. Many girls skip school while on their period, reducing their chances of completing their education. It doesn’t need to happen! Please click here for more info and to donate!

It is going to be a busy three weeks! As usual, we will be using blog sites and social media though out our trip so you can follow all of our adventures!


The final part of my summer will be spent working, then its back to university for my fourth year. I am incredibly excited to find out what happens next year! I already love my MGeol project and I’ve not even started it!

So here’s to goodbyes and to new opportunities! Good luck to all my friends graduating and entering the really world! 🙂


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